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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time for a Rare Update

I'm sick and tired of this hubub around June 6th this year, it's completely drowned out almost any mention of D-Day which is what this day should always be remembered for. I went driving to do some errands today and I couldn't avoid comment on the day and it's "significance" there is no significance at all, it's meaningless. But I guess people just have to make something out of nothing. Oh well, that's really all I have at the moment, I went to see The Omen, it's not that bad, Liev Schrieber does a good job in acting, he just can't cry on camera or command, so everytime he's trying to be sad it looks forced. Other than that, the child actor who played Daimien was significantly creepy, he only utters a few lines through the whole film. I'm not going to tell anyone what happens as if you haven't seen the first one, I don't want to ruin it. Anyhow look for more posts soon, as I care to update more frequently now.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

For Maverick83

Sorry, had to post this as I have nowhere else to upload the file.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's been a long time

But finally, I'm going to start posting again. I really don't know what to write about, but lets see, something that's been pissing me off quite a bit these last few weeks is gas prices and environmentalism.

First, on gas prices. Here, in Minnesota, we're paying approximately 2.85 9/10's for a gallon of gas. In many other places it's well over 3 dollars a gallon, and I've heard of other spots where gas has reached 4 dollars a gallon. While many people blame oil companies for gouging, it's simply not their fault. For the real source of the problem, you only have to go as far as your bathroom mirror, it's you, the consumer and citizen. Frankly, it's your own fault gas prices are as high as they are. You're consuming more gas than ever, and you have no reason to stop. But youre increased demand for fuel will push prices ever higher, and who can blame a company for making profits off of a price you're willing to pay.

In addition, the problems are further exacerbated by your unwillingness to acutally take any action like writing a letter to your Congressman or Senator imploring them to change government regulations that prevent everything from further oil exploration in our own country to the abolishment of regional forumlation requirements for gasoline. While we're bitching about gas prices nobody is being informed of the sheer idiocy of our Gasoline production and distribution problems. In our country, currently there are 40-50+ formulations of gasoline, not just the three you see commonly at your gas pump. The formulas vary per local Federal requirements, based on some useless EPA or other governmental regulations. The abolishment of the different formula requirements and limitation of gasoline to just 6 formulations would be ideal. The formulations would consist of Leaded Gasoline for older classic cars, Standard Unleaded-87 Octane, Unleaded Plus-89 Octane, Super Unleaded-93 Octane, E85, and Biodiesel. The regular gasoline would be entirely purged of their ethanol requirements, as ethanol has not been shown to be benificial for gas mileage or air quality. These standardized formulations would decrease the cost for gasoline production and distribution, which would trasfer to lower rates at the pumps. On top of that Federal regulations currently permit new oil exploration into areas up to 250 miles offshore, while Cuba is currently planning to drill only 40 miles from the Florida Keys. We've also had prolonged debate in Congress over drilling in the Artic Nation Wildlife Refuge or ANWR, many people frankly don't understand the size of the place. If you look at the area designated area 1002, that's the area of land there being debated about, it's enhabited by such great animals as the massive mosquitos. And while we're paying out the ass for gas, environmentalists are bitching about a 2000-5000 acre "footprint" in an area that's 19 million acres in size. Oh well, the biggest and quickest impact that can be made on Gas prices is the suspension, temporary or permanently, of the Federal gasoline tax, which I believe is approximately 40-50 cents a gallon. That added with further government regulation probably accounts for at least 80 cents to 1 dollar per gallon of gas added to our costs. Oh well, whatever the solution is, I know it's never going to change, the Fed's won't repeal or suspend temporary their gas tax, they won't stop over-regulation, and we won't stop buying more and more gas. So we're stuck paying ever higher gas prices. But hey, it's still cheaper than Milk or bottled water, and people buy that stuff like it's going out of style, without really bitching about it. So before you take up action against some Oil Executive, that you're helping to make richer, take a good long look at yourself and see what you can do to influence government to take action itself.

Onto my other topic. Frankly, today's "Earth Day". Little do most people know, but this annual event also takes place on another day, famous to many people, the birthday of Vladimir Ilich Lenin. I don't frankly think it's that big of a conincidence either. Mainly because many of the laws and regulations promoted by environmentalists are designed to punish Capitalism and free enterprise and to expand the ever growing Federal Government. While I'm entirely for keeping the environment clean; I'm not for Federally emposed regulations that seek to hinder development of new energy sources, like Nuclear power plants, or even something as simple as windmills and solar panels. Again, we give more power to people who don't share the best interests of our country, more creedance than the common man, who must pay higher energy costs and have more and more of his money taken from his paycheck so that he can pay for some idiotic government regulation, which hurts businesses making them able to hire less people, because they have to invest so much money to meet the regulation's specifications.

Anyhow. /rant Have a great Earth Day, which you should have been celebrating a month ago, on March 21, which is the UN recognized day.

Friday, March 17, 2006

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

For Protest Warrior Website

This is another picture from Crawford, TX. Notice the No Blood For Oil sign in the left of the shot. This prompted me to notice that there should be no blood for oil, except to bring them there to protest.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mine Pictures

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Crawford, TX. Trench vs. Ditch.

Trench VS. Ditch

Nice Picture of Carl Rove with the flag in the Background.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who have a split personality - cold as ice on the outside but hot as fire in the heart.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Monday, October 10, 2005

Columbus Day Truth

Well this is my answer to the Leftists opinion on Columbus Day...heheh....hits them pretty hard with truth and fact....should have included Emperor Hirohito...and Kim Jong IL....but It got pretty hard to fit them all onto one page. Figured there were enough Commies too.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Democrats and Leftists "Friends" of Israel.
Photo By Jhouserok

A reporterette from Al Jazerra, where's the Burka?
Photo By Jhouserok

So vote for Hillary, she's a Socialist?????
Photo By Jhouserok

What a hard-core Socialist looks like, normal average looking intellectual "Citizen of the World".
Photo By Jhouserok

The group of clergy, leftists, code pinkos, and black communists decide to sit down in front of the White House, violating their permit. Later Ms. Sheehan and the rest are arrested for disorderly conduct.
Photo By Jhouserok

God she has the stupidest smile, it's upside down. Her face must have had some looked funky.
Photo By Jhouserok

Media Feeding Frenzy as Ms. Sheehan delivers a letter to the White House and demands a meeting with Pres. Bush, sadly she's rejected as Pres. Bush is in the South surveying hurricane dammage and cannot meet with such "important" individuals as Ms. Sheehan.
Photo By Jhouserok

Anarchists PLEAD with Secret Service agents to put down their batons, to no avail. Later three people scaled the fence and two were arrested by police and one by agents.
Photo By Jhouserok

The left get's it's banners ready
Photo By Jhouerok

Saturday, October 01, 2005

More Pictures

Some more pictures from the Leftist Anti-America War Protest last Saturday.

More to come soon!


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Must Free The Hotties

Okay this site is going to start a splinter site on blogspot, it's for Anyone who has pictures of hotties on the leftist side of the isle can post them here, just ask me, send me the photos they go up on the site. This is the first one.

Other guys on PW have shots of this Hottie, I forgot her name, she's got my webpage, and hopefully we can find out who she is so she can be liberated. Who helped me with this concept, well this is the birth of the concept, however these are pics, I think of women who live in Democracy's is coming along, still learning different programming languages, and getting the kinks out of my two new machines that I am using for servers. Thanks again MSB.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Updated Website Tonight, Domain Name Being Considered

Updated, srsly, website coming tonight, new domains going to be registered for different groups. Need help getting websites set up for these domains, anyone knowing how to program/code and provide security advice please contact me via email, or postings in the comment sections.

This is a sample of what is to come, as well as some pics of the other Lefties that showed up to protest. We had a pretty accurate count of between 250 and 350 people that showed up for the Counter Demonstration.

Adios from the Front Lines in the War On Reality, the Left is waging.


A post for MSB

Here you go man, see if you can change this one up for the Moonbats.
"Welcome To the Neighborhood"; "You've made your point, Now Leave!" A big thanks to MSB for coming up with another hit, I like this one and will use it soon in one of our Minnesota protests.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Posting on Site is now free again

Yes, yes, posting on this site can now be done without having logged in and registered with Blogger. I did this so the leftists who are too scared/lazy to go through the motions to set up a bogus account, can post.

Well more updates soon, going to Washington D.C. on Thursday, picking up a friend in Wisconsin and then another in Chicago, heading out on the Highway......maybe you leftists will get to see a picture of my car, if I decide to post it. Adios.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Madison Socialists PW3ND!!!

Okay, just got done, last night protesting George Galloway and Jane Fonda, she didnt' show, at UW-Madison. The event was great. The first night I was in town, Saturday, I went to a local Walmart, not something I do regularly as I prefer Target, and bought some Sidewalk Chalk and Paint. Then proceeded to take to the streets of Madison and start countering the International Socialist Organization, the ISO, on thier state-funded campus. ISO is actually a fees recieving student organization. So a significant quantity of your student services fees are going to fund Anti-Capitalist groups, but the Administration be damned if it goes to fund Pro-American Capitalism/Society groups; they are the really dangerous groups, yeah right.

Well here's a little sample of what the Socialists sidewalk chalk looked like pre-op.
Okay my photoshop skills suck, but this is my first time using the program. You get the idea though. $20 for a ticket, man they really have to be rich Socialists, well $10 for students, shouldn't it be equal???? Here's some of the stuff I put down.
Paid 4 By Ba'athists Against War, pretty fitting, though it wasn't really paid for by the Ba'ath Part, it might as well could have been, I'm sure the Party would have paid for it, if it could have. There are many more pics, but I will hold off, to see if this site gets any hits from the Socialists. And if you are here as a Socialist, welcome to a pissant little site/blog. This site will continue to be a beacon of free-speech for the right-wing, even though you will likely seek to censor me. If you can ever find me in Minnesota, you can put me in one of your re-education camps, but only after you have taken my guns away, better bring an army, fruit-cakes!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Protest Warrior Urgent OP: "Park The Bus!"

Southern Minnesota Chapter has this up on the HQ side, you have it here too. Sign up now at HQ!

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has the itinerary for the Sheehan bus tour that's going to be in Minnesota beginning tomorrow:

BREAKING NEWS: BRING THEM HOME NOW TOUR HERE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY! I am interupting my posts on the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts to provide you with this important message: The Bring Them Home Now Tour, sponsored by Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, and Veterans For Peace is coming to Minnesota! A delegation of family members and an Iraq War veteran is driving up from Crawford, Texas, where they have been camped in Bush's backyard. Lend your voice to the growing chorus of Americans saying "Bring them home now!" Friday, September 2, 2005 7:30 p.m., Welcome and socializing Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Hospitality Hall (Use NW entrance), 4537 3rd Ave South, Minneapolis Saturday, September 3, 2005 Noon to 2 p.m., Public rally, Minnesota State Capitol Speakers: Gold Star Families for Peace members:Karen Meredith of Mountain View, CA, whose son, 1st Lt Kenneth Ballard, fourth generation Army, was killed in action in Najaf, Iraq on May 30, 2004. Al Zappala of Philadelphia, PA, whose son Sgt. Sherwood Baker was the first Pennsylvania National Guardsman to die in combat since World War II. He was killed in Baghdad on April 26, 2004. Military Families Speak Out members: Stacy Bannerman of Kent, WA, whose husband in the Washington National Guard served an extended tour of duty in Iraq. A "stop loss" order forced him to serve in Iraq eight months past his 20-year commitment, which ended in June 2004. Sheri Glover of Houston, TX, whose 19 year old daughter who has completed Active Duty Service in the US Army and is currently in the Individual Ready Reserve and eligible for call back. Her son-in-law serves in the Army and is currently serving in Iraq. Sherry is active in Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary and holds the position of junior vice commander of unit 9 in Houston. Tammara Rosenleaf of Belton, TX, whose husband serves in the Army, stationed at Ft. Hood, and will be deploying to Iraq this fall. Iraq Veterans Against the War member: Cody Camacho of Chicago, IL, served as Army specialist for four years. He was deployed to Iraq from March 2003 to March, 2004, and was honorably discharged in October, 2004. For more information on the tour contact I I know the southern Minnesota PW's are going to be there at the Capitol on Saturday... I thought it might be good to have some stationed outside the church tomorrow evening... -Leo-

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wholly Hell I'm In Texas

Alright, for those of you who don't already know, and never really read my site, I am conservative, big shocker. Currently I am in Waco, TX. I flew in on Friday from Minnesota and took short road here from Dallas, which happened to be about 120 miles away even though it was only about an inch and a half on my map, but Everything is bigger here in Texas.

I came in support of the group I am a member of, I came to find things organized well as things could have been in about a weeks time, which had most of the 19 people signed up on the HQ site at the Walmart parking lot in Waco with the group from Our carvan of PW's left after the other group and found our way to Crawford, great town. We linked up with PW co-founder Kfir Alfia at the rally and went in to look for more PW's to link up with. About 30 minutes into our effort to link with others we had a slight misunderstanding with some people in the group, who didn't know who PW was, we promptly left the scene and got outside the rally, where we were inundated by The Press, who I dont' really know, all I do know is the AP was definately there as my name is plastered all over the web by them, surprisingly positive too.

Well after that Kfir, Tristan and I went further into town to find the moonbats to find a group of people had bought a house called the Crawford Peace House back when President Bush was first elected. They are running the majority of their operation out of that house, we got inside of it, as well as some other PW's apparently have too, we dont' have their pictures becuase we weren't able to link up with them after the rally incident. Hopefully those guys can post them on the mainsite.

Kfir and I went into the Peace House, toured it briefly and blended in perfectly with the kooks. Then we hopped a peace-nik shuttle over to Camp Casey II, there are two camps you have to remember. The shuttle ride was pulled off great, with the average age of the people besides Kfir and I being at least in the 40-50's range, offset greatly by Wally our driver who was in his 20's. Nobody noticed us at all. Upon arriving at Camp Casey II we were treated to of all things live music, Joan Baiez's trailer, so we were told, was behind the mainstage. Also we were given the opportunity to partake in their dinner meal which started right as we were leaving, interestingly enough the whole event is professionally catered on the weekends by another leftie group; Drop Food Not Bombs, or something of the like.

Well Kfir shot some footage of the event, be we were not able to get any interviews with whom we sought out to interview, gold-star parents/mom's who supported Cindi Sheehan, either there were none there, or as we were told they were down at Camp Casey I in reaction to the counter-protesters who were from all over Texas, mostly, and the rest of the country. We took the same shuttle we came out in back, they have a pretty active rotation, and we had the same driver, Wally from Olympia, WA. As far as I can tell Wally has really nothing better to do, he's been here since last Sunday and intends to stay here as long as he can, hopefully he says, he can get linked up with Cindi's bus tour of the nation and then be in Washington D.C. on Sept. 24, so maybe we'll see him again. Heh heh heh.

Well after we got back Kfir had to bolt, and I stayed to get some footage and pics of Camp Casey I. I went out there for about two hours and stayed with the group at what is called Camp Reality. There I met four troops that took their cars up to Crawford from Ft. Hood, TX. They are all memebers of the First Cavalry Division based out of Ft. Hood and they came back from serving in Iraq five months ago. I asked if I could hang with them and take pictures and video. Then they decided that there wasn't anyone worth talking to at Casey I, which you cannot acutally do, I will get more into detail in this later. The men from 1st Cav. and I went to Casey II and took some decent footage of us walking through their site, complete with circus tents, and having a debate with some of the people there, we got kicked out for having the debate. We were told the camp was officially closed and if we were not there officially we had to leave, and well they are on private property, we are technically trespassing if we are not wanted. I proceeded to take some more footage using my nightshot capability directly outside Casey II, hopefully I can get the video to Kfir and he can put it on the site.

But to get into the whole police situation. The police have these rules that you cannot shout anything inflamitory at the other side, nor can you go over to the other side at any time, at Casey I, if you do, you get one warning, if you don't comply you are arrested and fined 500 dollars. The funny thing is most people have seen this guy with a sign that says Let's Roll on FOX NEWS getting arrested, this guy looks like a anti-war protestor that I had seen there yesterday, he probably took the fall for a photo op. In all the FOX NEWS footage I saw of the man, he was in compliance with what the police told us we could do. The only way he would have been arrested for what he did was if he was actually an anti-war protester whom the police recognized and came over to our side trying to infiltrate. I spoke at length with the Sheriff's Dept. for the county and they said literally you notice who the real protesters are cause they take breaks and they usually have the megaphones and are organizing. These people are the real deal here, the professional rent-a-mobs that we come in contact with at other nation-wide events. Thankfully no anarchists have shown up here in Crawford and well they really wouldn't be tolerated for a second by the cops.

Oh well, after thinking I would be here for Saturday and leaving on Sunday, I have decided to stay here till Thursday, when the protesters claim they will be gone. Yeah it's a week before school starts back up for me and well I cannot work full time during the school year. I know I am a slacker, but my supervisors understand what I am doing, and thank god for a decent paying summer job! I will have pictures loaded on PW in the near future, on Thursday, and video further down the road. I'll report on todays events here tonight. Looks good though the Rev. Al Sharpton is going to be down here for a meetin' with Cindy.

Alright PW's and anyone else who ever reads my site, which is likely nobody, Cheers!



To you moonbats who are calling me at my cell phone, your efforts are hilarious, I am currently working on how to get your calls isolated and located to where you originate them from, with the help of my cell phone company, Cingular, and the Hennipen County Jusice Center, and am currently trying to get the FBI involved, though their opinion is that your calls are just wrong numbers, yeah, MY Posterier!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Damn, I am a lazy bastard.

Well, it's been over a month since I last posted. Here's why, first I moved, second my hapless parents found out about my internet site and were giving me endless crap about it. So I decided to lay low for awhile. However, many interesting things have been going on in my life since the last post. I decided to go back to school for my teaching degree, I must be insane for wanting to teach highschool students, but I figure why not? I loved highschool for some crazy reason, and why not spend awhile teaching, and then become an administrator.

I finally got my internet connection and cable TV from Comcast last week. I must say, they have great service, it in fact is the best internet connection I have ever had, as it's dedicated. And the cable TV is great as well. Above is just a sampling of what I got to privy last night on Encore's channel lineup.

Now the movie on the left, Karate Kid, just happens to be one of possibly the best movies of the 1980's, as I was watching it last night I found out how much I have forgotten about the film, I literally thought they were showing a special edition. The movie makes me wonder why more such inspiring movies could have been made in the 80's with the song "You're the Best Around." That song rivals the Rocky theme for sheer awesomeness.

On the otherhand I also got to watch Nightmare on Elm Street 2, perhaps the worst movie of the series, if not the most anticlimatical movie of the 80's, I have seen this movie once, about six years ago, and all I remembered was Freddy murdering a bunch of deserving teens at a pool party. But man, this movie reeked on so many levels. I mean just look at the poster it just screams, I am lame as hell. So to ruin anyone's experience with this movie, I will save you the waste of your life. Literally, Freddy dies in this movie cause he's a pussy and cannot control the person he posessess. I mean Freddy is this ultimate badass, and he gets killed by what? A kiss and some lovie dovie bullshit. Wow, I was going to post the French version of this poster, to just show how gay it is, but alas, I couldn't get the poster for free. Litearally, it's sad as hell to see one of the ultimate badassed villians, killed by kiss, this movie sucked ass!!!!!

And the Last movie I got to see, well was, wait for this, Con Air. Now that movie is just a waste of time, why it was ever made dumbfounds me, Nicolas Cage, trying to recapture his psuedo-greatness from the Rock, where he was dominated in acting skill by Connery. There is only one good part in the film, Steve Buchemi. However, in fact, there really hasn't been many a movie where I was convinced that Cage had any acting skill, and people give Keanu Reeves a bad time. Keanu has more acting skill and deeper characters than Cage could ever hope to get. The only good movie I have ever seen Cage in is Bringing out the Dead. That movie was damned good, but mostly cause Cage was casted almost perfectly. I will have to admit that I am a huge Keanu fan though. Oh well next post, short update on movies that I have seen in the past month, most within the last week.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

The case against illegal immigration and against modern day slavery.

First nobody should say they are against immigration, they should be against Illegal immigration. And anyone who supports illegal immigration is a complete fool! Illegal immigration is not the American way and it is inherently unAmerican to support it. Here's some history for you to mull over!

There was a reason that Ellis Island was set up, it was an inprocessing site for all immigrants coming from over seas, on ships from 1892 to 1930's. The main reason was to centralize immigrant ships before they entered New York Harbor. Also, the immigration that occured before Ellis Island was opened was still legal. There were inprocessing sites at every ship dock, where immigrants were shuffled off and had to give the name of every one of their family members, the ENGLISH name, in many cases if they had their last names changed to be more english sounding.

Our ancestors did not come here illegally, that's who the Statue of Liberty means, when it says give me your poor your tired........ It does not mean come into the country illegally, and rape the welfare/medical/education and every other institution for everything it is worth. Those systems were not ment for them! The simple fact that anyone within government is willing to give these people their services is tantamout to commiting the crime of illegal immigration itself. Some of these immigrants are doing this, not all mind you, many of them work harder than other Americans becuase they know they must work hard.

Read Upton Sinclair's the Jungle, it's a great read and while it is only historically noted for it's exposing the meat packing industry's squalorous conditions, it is more of a social comentary on the working class, the American class system, and American ethnocentricity.

Oh, there was just no centralized government handout system back when the European cultures immigrated....but people like Boss Nass in New York commonly used money for the welfare of the people and to buy votes. Which is exactly why the Democrats do this same thing in this day in age. You get someone onto welfare, or onto a government program and they have a self interest it making sure the people who fight to keep those systems in place stay in power. What the

Democrats are in this society today is nothing more than a upper class slave owners. They keep the majority of the people who vote for them feeling like powerless victims when they have the power to get themselves out of they situtations themselves. But, those who do get out of this position are branded race tratiors and called house niggers by blacks. It's pathetic, these people should be praising their own people in their success rather than demonizing people.
I close again by saying the only racists I see are those in the Democratic Party. Sure the conservatives have redneck/neonazi/hicks. But what is worse? Saying you will fight for people's rights during an election season, full well knowing you won't do a thing to better their lives, short of increasing entitlements; which furthers your own power over them. Or being a racist hick that just says a lot of stupid inflamatory stuff, but never really takes all that much action on their words, cause they are pussies? I say the former!

Again, Democrats are nothing but todays slave owners and the people who work in the NAACP are nothing more than the African tribesmen who herded up people from other less powerful African tribes and sold them into slavery. The common day African American, unless they have gotten away from Democratic Party influence, are nothing more than yesterdays slaves.

Go ahead and argue with me! Try to say I am wrong, when you know I am truely right and you just cannot admit it to yourself!

Friday, July 15, 2005

My Rational For being a conservative Part I

I used wikipedia a lot for this post, to back up my assertions and rationale. More will come later, bear with me. This contains some of the history of my family, and it's origins.

I was born into a middle income(it's not "class", becuase you are not stuck in a class system in this country, you have only income and income/social mobility) family in 1980, under the Jimmy Carter administration, sadly not born while the most high and exhalted Ronaldus Magnus was president. :P J/K Folkel. During the 1990's my family transitioned to an upper-middle income family, when filing jointly, and remains so to this day. (See this for Class in contemporary America) Both my parents never graduated college, with four or two year degrees, the one who has come closest is Joanne, an AA degree. Growing up in California, through the 1980's was perhaps one of the best things that ever happened to me, and later Wisconsin, which molded me into who I am now. I am very lucky to have, and will be ever-humble towards, my parents who, have sacrificed so much of their own lively hood for me, and are the epitome of the eternal hard working Americans that make this country such a wonderful place to live. They both are liberal, but more along the lines of the New liberals. I for one agree with most of classical liberal ideology, though I never agreed with my family on that many issues, I accepted my family's leanings. I however was much more conservative than my family and friends, from my early years.

My dad Vincent Marean came from a small family in Hubbardston/Gardner, MA. His sister Janice Marean and his brother George Marean Jr. They lived in pretty squalorous conditions compared to our relatively care free existence now. They did have running water/electricity/refridgeration/radio but lacked a bathtub or shower. Thankfully they lived next to my Great Aunt Ethel Taylor, who had a gem of a house in Gardner, MA, where they were able to bathe and take care of business.

My dad's family situation was less than ideal, his father George Marean Sr. was an assembly worker during the war buidling Sherman tanks to fight the NAZIs, because he was too old to serve. After the war he had trouble finding/keeping work, and my dad's family split. Louis Marean was my grandmother, another epitome of the Hard working American. The whole of my dad's side of the family is/was liberal, except maybe Louis, I didn't know her well enough.

My mom, Joanne Marean however, was born into a large farm family Wisconsin. Thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's programs like rural electrification, they had running water and electricity. My mom had 13 other brothers and sisters. They managed a meager but respectable life as farmers in the area while my mom was growing up. The kids were born between early 1930's to the early 1960's. My mom is essentially the middle child. Not really much of a back story here though, not much drama like my dad's family, so I will move on. They are almost all liberals too.

I contribute the almost the whole of my conservatism to my parents being from a different generation than the parents of children my age. See my parents are a mix, my dad is part of the Silent Generation while my mom was a Baby Boomer. My dad was born in 1941, and my mom in 1947. While the majority of my friends parents were born in the late 1950's to the early 1960's. A time when my dad was just having his first children. My sister Michelle Marean was born in 1962, my sis Andrea Marean in 1964, and Charolette Marean in 1966. All my siblings are liberals.

My dad and mom both were in the U.S. Airforce, for my dad, he enlisted after leaving the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where he persued his Chemical Engineering degree; my mom enlisted after highschool becuase she wanted to see the world. My dad, was stationed at Travis Air Force Base, he became a navaid/radio systems tech on many of the jet fighters(F-106 Delta Dart and the F-100 Super Sabre) used in the time period from 1960-1966 right before and during the Vietnam War, I prefer to say South East Asia because it was a regional conflict, to say it wasn't is just to blatenly ignore history. My mom was went into the service in 1966 and worked in Germany, one of the bases outside the Soviet controlled perimeter. There she met her first husband and had my Brother Eric Davis, 1969, and was summarily honorably discharged due to her pregnancy, something that was actually illegal at the time. Eric also is liberal.

My parents however not agreeing with the war in South East Asia, did not support the protesting elements that were demostrating against the war effort. My dad lived in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1960-1977, where he met my mom. My mom moved to the Bay Area in 1970 or 71. They met in the same apartment building where they both lived, I think in San Jose, CA. They married in 1977 and moved to Santa Rosa, CA in 1979. I was born in 1980 in Santa Rosa, CA.

After his service my dad worked with AT&T in the bay area on the phone systems, though I don't know exactly what he did with them, I guess just installation and maintenace. After his first divorce, Vince held the a second line manager within what was at the time AT&T. After learving managment Vince became very active in his local union, the Communication Workers of America, CWA, and became, I think regional union Vice President, I cannot remember when. After braving the politics of running for union president and losing, Vince gave up his post as a union offical, and returned to work as a phone operations tech.
Joanne during this time worked for a series of banks before landing a job with the U.S. Social Security Aministration, which launched her career into U.S. governmental agencies.

I was raised in Santa Rosa until I was four years old. I still remember how nice Santa Rosa was, a beautiful area within the Sonoma Valley. I was able to pick berries from bushes on our street. The neighbor hood was afluent/middle to uppermiddle class. We had culture in our area too. A neighbor of ours was of Iranian Nationality, who's family immigrated here to, I believe flee the hostile take over of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's government. He owned/owns a series of Gas Stations throughout the Santa Rosa area. He was a great man, and a U.S. patriot. I used to play video games at his house, which was just beautiful, he would always joke how I would make a great pilot for Ayatolla Seyyed Ruhollah Khomeini. Which I obviously didn't understand then. I was raised also by my parents best family friends, Mike and Fern Wilson, who ran a day-care center out of their Santa Rosa home, their son Mark Wilson became my best early childhood friend.

In 1984, my dad took a position as a Radio repairman with what was then Pacific Bell Corporation, one of the many "Baby Bells" to break off of AT&T, in Salinas, CA. My mom found a job with the BLM in Hollister, CA; where we lived. I started school in Hollister in 1985 at Sunny Slope, elementary for K-3 education. Then in 1989 attended R.O. Harding Elementary School for G4-6. From there I attended Rancho San Justo Junior High School for G7-8. Next, I attended San Benito County High School for ninth grade, before moving to Port Washington, WI. There I attended grades 10-12, graduating with honors in my class, and being the only male, senior member of my grade's National Honors Society group.

Port Washington, WI itself affected my world view and politics better than anything else could have. There was a diverse group of people holding strikingly different opinions. I listened to, and did extracirricular activities with the liberals, but hung with and conversed with the consevatives. Port Washington was a racially insulated town, which had little to no ethic diversity. We had the sereotypical "gay"/feminine guy, that my brother thought was like something right out of Hollywood. We had the tolken black person, my fellow "Brown Noser" award winner. We had our "Hicks", Jocks, Geeks/dweebs, cheerleaders, band geeks, thespians, greasers, satanists, and in the lower classes, wiggers, and politicos. Oh yeah at the group I fit into the Nerdy/Jock/Thespian/Politico. I was kind of an amalgamation of four distinct groups and had friends in each. There was what seemed like a riggid social structure within the school, which I crusaded to break the bonds of by belonging to many different groups. But of course, when everyone gets to their senior year all that stuff goes out the window, and people start faking that they will miss you and remember you. What malarky! I have yet to have one person from my class contact me since college, besides Goggins. Oh yeah, and my Brown Nose compatriot, but that doesn't count cause she was just using me to get to a guy I knew in college. Everyone else was just fake and did not. care. But who can blame them, I didn't make that many solid friends in highschool cuase I was constantly messing with people's heads, those people who I didn't like I should say. I will get into that later.

What Port really did for me was show me that conservative policies work. The town was highly conservative, except for most of the Education Board, and some of the teachers. But, it was a great place, where low property taxes abounded, they were protectionist of their heritage and land, and were not willing to sell their community out to commercial interests, which isn't so conservative. But, they didn't want large corporate entities to destroy small business in the city. The city was reluctant to give much extra money to the school, insisting on it working with what they had, and making the school much more efficient. The community was very religous, with the major demnoinations being Catholic and then Lutherans, and the churches taught conservatively too.

This is enough for right now. I made progress in explaining to you that my whole family is liberal, and that my conservatism may have been at first a way of rebellion against my family. But it's not like that anymore, I dont' rebel against anything anymore, accept hippies. Everything else is not worth my time, I will work within the system to change it, not rebel against the system. I also made progress in telling you where I got some of my verification for being a conservative, through policy working itself in Port. Later, in a future post, I will mention my formative college years, where I defined myself as a conservative and what I stood for, and what i rejected.

More posts to come....soon....not this one a week B.S. PEACE OUT!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Bombings in London

I know this has been done to death probably already. But I have to make a comment on the Terrorist bombings in London. Well I have to say one thing to all the British out there, welcome to the club. The British are not new to the terrorist attack club, but to the club of those attacked by Islamic Militants.

Most people on the other side don't believe Islamic Militants are a danger if you just leave them alone. Well we tried that for about twenty years, and we got attacked right and left. I don't need to go down the list, if you don't know all the attacks, educate yourselves. The only thing Islamic militants had against us back then was our support for Israel, and that was enough for them to attack. I hate to think all the reasons they make up for terrorists to attack now. But two things we have learned are these, you fight terrorists where they live, and you turn a deaf ear to the liberals who whine about us violating the law and people's rights. Terrorists in this country have no rights, if they are American citizens, they are traitors, if they are foreign born then they don't have any rights bestowed to Americans.

I thank god we don't have that many liberals in power now. Though we need to get more out of the U.S. Senate. On another note, according to people on it was Bush and Blair who perpertrated 9-11, and the most recent attacks.

But as for London and the Brits, they will stay in the War on Terror. This attack is nothing compared to what these people have seen. Need I remind anyone of the Battle for Britian? Or the relentless bombing of the Germans in WWII? Thousands died during those attacks and throughout the war, and that didn't shake their resolve, this attack definatly will not.

Hats off to the Brits and many thanks for being our closest partner in the War on Terror.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Deadliest Catch My Ass

Ah man, can I find something more brain numbing on T.V.? I wasted one hour of my life watching this trash that the Discovery Channel tramps out as edutainment, or some other useless form of "reality tv" that the rest of the world seems to eat up so much. Why did I waste my time with this show? Well apparently because I thought that someone was going to get hurt, I mean the show's title is The Deadliest Catch.

But of course instead of seeing someone caught with a hook and flinged over the side of the boat, only to be bait for a shark following the boat, I was treated to a one hour pussy-man bitch fest about how much their job sucks and how much they hate their captains. I mean what the fuck are these people wasting their lives for on a boat catching crab. As far as I am concerned these people have only graduated to this level because they were too inept to work at a fast food reasturant. I mean fast food is one step up from fishing for a living, you don't have to deal with stinking like fish, but you do have to deal with stupid people. But onto more important subjects.

I mean who eats crab anyways. Nobody with half a brain in their head says I am going to go eat a boat-load of crab. The go out and eat a boat-load of shrimp, or lobster, cuase it's cool. If I wanted to eat some load of half-assed water spider then I would eat crab, it's got to be the singularly most disgusting looking crustacean. I can at least stomach eating lobster, though it's just about ugly, it at least has some bad-assed claws that it can fight back with. Hell if I could have claws for hands that would be awesome, I mean I wouldn't be able to type this, but I could sure as hell claw some peoples heads off at the neck if they pissed me off. But I digress.

Mostly this show sucks ass, it doesn't offer what it seems to promiss, no death. I mean I could watch more to see if someone actually does eventually get hurt, but I would rather not waste the rest of my life waiting around to finally see someone hurt on a television program, and then laughing histerically. Okay I am evil, I'm going to hell for that one. I don't feel sorry for myself, and you shouldn't either. No wait you should. Suckers. Screw you all, you are dumber for reading this.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Crappy Day

Well what can I say about the Sunday before the Fourth of July. There's a lot going on around town, there's the Taste of Minnesota down in St. Paul. But I really don't feel like spending sixty dollars on like six different food items. I mean I went last year and the year before that so I am pretty familiar with the Taste of Minnesota and it's more like a soaking for money than anything else. Frankly I can get better food at a super-market and for less money than at this silly excuse for a festival. I can only say I am happy that I went last year and only brought fourty dollars, which bought me exactly one large order of fries, some cheese curds, a fallafel(sp) and one huge corn dog and two small drinks. I mean I could have taken my girlfriend out for a good dinner on fourty dollars, not gotten rained on, and besieged by stinking hippies.

The day is pretty crappy, it started off that way and only got worse, I stayed up till about 6 am watching NBC's miniseries Revelations, which is basically about the birth of the Antichrist, it has nothing to do with the end of the world, sadly. The whole series is basically anticlimatic, with the main protangonist, played by Bill Pullman, only finding his son and killing a satanist. Also, on the antichrist, how the hell is it birthed from a ram/goat. That does not make any sense, but I guess most of the picture does not. Oh well enough ranting about that.

I did finally wake up, around 2 pm. Then surfed the web and found a great site, linked on my friend Bryan Goggins site. Here's the site I spent reading. Man that was a great site with some good insight into the failings of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and the Special Editions of the original trilogy. Also I found another Star Wars related item, a fan movie produced and filmed to link Episode III with Episode IV, called Star Wars Revelations. I haven't seen it yet, but will review it after it is completely downloaded. Well that's all I have to say about my crappy day. The only good thing about it is that I have ordered Chinese food for dinner. They are a tasty people.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Protest Yesterday

Well, sorry that I didn't post yesterday. Hope that didn't piss anyone off and if it did get a life.

There was an antiwar protest yesterday here in downtown Minneapolis at the government center. It was pleasantly filled with the normal type hippies which seem to be at every protest. I saw some of the regulars that I have seen at every protest I have been to since December. Which begs the question what do these people do that they can show up to every protest? Especially this one, which was just at the end of a busy work day. Most of the previous protests have been held on the weekend.

For all of you who don't know I belong to a group called Protest Warrior, from We regularly show up at antiwar protests to counter protest the hippies, and to support the troops. We also regularly get insults shouted at us and pushed and sometimes even punched. It's fun though for the most part, thankfully at this protest we had police all over the place. Well the protest was a complete success, we set up camp on the other side of the street from hippies and proceeded to heft our signs up. We had a few hippies come over and set up shop on our side of the street, not realizing that we were not with them. Problem is that our signs at first glance seem to support hippies, but the point is you acutally have to read them for the sarcasm. We had quite a few people come up who had read our signs and said they supported us.

Well That's about all I have for that.

Post for you guys tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of the Worlds Review

Well, got back from seeing War of the Worlds a few hours ago and then took some time to review a little of the posts on before posting my recap and review.

War of the Worlds above all else is an interesting and more true to the book remake of the 1953 classic. Though there is no mention in this movie that the aliens are coming from Mars, like in the first film and the book. The movie starts out with an interesting opening sequence which to me is the most unique opening I have ever seen in a movie. The film introduces us quickly to the characters we will be seeing a lot of throughout the movie.

The film develops quickly after some rather boring character development, such as the rebellious teenager sterotype and the obiedient but obnoxious daughter. On a side note Dakota Fanning, despite what many say, is not that good of an actress, but is rather bland and predictable, all she really does is cry and genuinely act really annoying. Like I said the film develops quickly, the first hints at the alien invasion are being broadcast on the news at the very beginning of the movie, and the aliens are introduced in the first twenty minutes. After that the movie is a nonstop ride of action with the aliens systematically destroying every human they come across.

The movie moves into the nonstop action quickly, and doesn't let go of the audience. I was looking for a lull in the action, so I could run to the bathroom, as I needed to piss like a Russian race horse in the Kentucky Derby with a glue truck racing after me. But alas I couldn't leave the theatre until the end of the movie. The most notable part in this movie, and I should say nice part , is the introduction and murder of Tim Robbins, I hate him as an actor. The aliens look almost exactly like the aliens in ID4, except for the fact that they only have one foot. I was really disappointed in the alien's look, i wanted to see something new.

Onto some inspection into the accuracy of the movie's portrayal of the material in the book. I liked the fact that the alien ships looked exactly like they should have. The Tripods, which is what the alien ships are called, were faithfully adapted from the book. In one part of the movie, the aliens start planting alien plants on the earth to make the earth look more like home. This is one thing that the first movie lacked, and tells the viewer that the aliens are looking to make the earth their own. Also, the movie remained true to the book, saying it was the earth's smallest beings that finally defeated the aliens, not the weapons of man, showing that even the strongest are truely weak.

Overall, I am glad that I saw this movie, it was a fun movie that offered two hours of entertainment and was well worth it. I would recommend seeing this movie anytime, not just during matinee. Well hope you enjoyed this review, probably will have a few more movie posts as I see new movies throughout the remainer of this blogs life. Oh and my final review is that the movie is a 8/10. I just hated Dakota Fanning, I only wanted to see her die.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First movie review!

Well, my second post, joy.

I just got my own nation to run, thanks to Marty for introducing me to this

I have got to thank the readers, becuase it seems that I now have some, thanks to the linking from other friends websites. You know who you are.

Well I thought I would share my thoughts about George A. Romero's Land of the Dead today. I saw the movie last Friday at the AMC Mall of America 14, which is a horrible place to see movies as the seats are really small and are not stadium arranged. I would first like to say that I didn't have high expectations for this movie becuase of Day of the Dead being pretty boring and rehashed. But this movie took me totally aback, I was expecting something boring and found a movie packed with non-stop action. The movie is situated in the last human city, somewhere in the U.S. which is surrounded by three rivers, making it so the zombies cannot get at the city. Simon Baker plays Riley the leader of a gang of raiders which pillage surrounding towns for food and supplies. John Leguizamo plays Riley's right hand man Cholo, who is looking to buy his way into the cities upper class. Aisa Argento plays a hooker who knows how to handle herself with a gun. The movie makes a great showing with relative unknowns in the movie business, besides Dennis Hopper, who makes his best showing since My Science Project. Overall I give this movie a 7/10 which makes it worth going to see, just at a matinee. However in the Minneapolis area, Carmike Cinemas are not showing the movie, a real let down because they are the best theatres in the state.

I will have another post tomorrow as I am going to see War of the Worlds, I have high hopes for this movie to make the aliens more believeable and faithful to the book, unlike the 1950's movie.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Recent Shark Attacks

This is my first post so bear with me.

With all the recent shark attacks in the news this begs the question. What on earth are people doing swimming so far off shore? The recent attacks as far as it is being reported are taking place 100 yards from the shore. See recent article. What the hell are people swimming so far out for? When ever I used to boogie board all I needed to do was go at most 100 feet from shore, where the water was no more than six feet deep. Most people will tell you that most shark attacks happen in shallow water, I don't know much about the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, but from my experience it isn't really that shallow at 100 yards out.

These attacks are being attributed to the Bull shark, a particularly dangerous type of shark that can get to a max of about 11 feet long and 500 pounds. This shark was attributed to the many shark attacks in the summer of 2000, and 2001, prompting Time magazine to run the article and cover Summer of the Shark. While the Bull shark inhabits warm tropical regions it is also the most prone shark to swim up rivers and attack swimmers in fresh waters. This can be done, though how the shark adapts to the water I don't fully understand, it probably has something to do with living in or near the river spillways along the coasts.

A word about sharks, just don't go into the water if you want to avoid them. Mostly they aren't dangerous, it's more likely that you will get hit by lightening than be attacked by a shark, much less die from a shark bite. Most shark attacks are cases of mistaken identity, like attacks by Great Whites, though in the Bull shark's case it's because the sharks are terribly territorial.
I won't likely have many more posts on sharks but this is something that's been bugging me for about a week.